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 Workshops and Presentations

We are THRILLED to be offering such diverse and amazing workshops and presentations this year! This is just the beginning we will be adding more every week!

All are included with the price of your ticket but are on a first come, first serve basis.


We are thrilled to welcome back Soul Tango to our festival. What could be better than Sunday morning Tango. Nothing we can think of. Soul Tango’s Heather Grant and Beth Hargreaves, have been offering lessons in Nelson since 2011. Their strong focus on form, tradition and the culture of Tango, make their classes extraordinary.



Children's Music Workshop

Join us for a Children's Music Workshop with an extraordinary musician and performer that subscribes to the belief that all children are musical. Marta McKeever aka Martunia (for the kids), is a diverse talent that engages and delights children into action. With a background that ranges from Polish folk music to contemporary indie pop, she'll have the kids singing and swaying with wild delight. She will be joined by Diona Davies (aka. DD) who has been a music teacher on the Gulf Islands for over 10 years and has shared the stage with the likes of Billy Bragg, Geoff Berner and Carolyn Mark. Together they will be conducting the audience in all out musical mayhem.


Ethical Wildcrafting Techiques/ Herb Walk- Keith Davis

Plant medicine abounds in the wild but it is only through good harvesting practices that it can be sustained. In this session Keith will take participants out into the surrounding forested areas and share with you some of the techniques and best practices for identifying and harvesting plants from the wild.

Keith is a trained botanist, wildcrafter, herbalist and author of several books on plant identification and the medicinal uses of plants. For the past 20 years he has taken groups on plant identification and foraging walks and generously shares his vast knowledge and passion for plants with all.

Make a change in your community: Activism starts with telling your story- Montana Burgess- West Kootenay EcoSociety

Learn how to share your story and start your community activism. Montana has been a climate activist in the federal and international arenas for seven years with Climate Action Network, and now with the EcoSociety. Her passion is helping West Kootenay members to make their community the most environmentally progressive.


 Timeless Voices: A journey into improvised A Capella Workshop


Timeless Voices is a workshop in which I guide the participants through a course of perception altering exercises and sonic adventures into vocal improvisation. There is no right, there is no wrong. Take a breath, make a sound, do it again . . . that's all you need to remember.After a warm-up for your body and your voice we will experience Long Tones, where each breath is a note created by you. When your creation joins together with the group's creations the result can be breath-taking. Learn what your body and your mind already know about invented language.
As time allows we will explore interlocking patterns and rhythms and create rich "bed grooves" over which we can take turns in full bloom, singing improvised solos.
"Vocal improv is about connecting with others and the earth. When we sing together those vibrations resonate in all of us but also in the spaces between us and the space around us. We form a single chorus and the healing magic of song radiates out from us in all directions."


Gold Panning and Ymir's Rich History 

Join one of our favorite humans in the world Bill Hedges as he takes you panning in the in the Salmo river, shares some of the incredible history of our town. We will actually be panning for real! So get ready. There have been quite a few flakes of real gold found in our river lately! This could be your lucky day!




Wholefood Nutrition for Hungry Families- Cindy Spratt

Prepare to get motivated in the kitchen!  This workshop will cover the basics of cooking with whole foods, what that means, and how to apply this concept to your everyday lives.  We will talk about the difference between health promoting and health-depleting foods, the benefits of the 80/20 rule, 5 important changes to make in the kitchen right now, navigating the grocery store, tips to improve digestion, and how to change those nasty habits. Please bring your questions and enthusiasm.


Cindy Spratt is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and graduate of the Culinary Nutrition Expert program.  She is a trained and experienced nutritionista specializing in a whole foods cooking style.  Cindy is passionate about working with individuals towards implementing permanent life changes that h

ope to generate glowing and vibrant health.  Her individualized lifestyle coaching is infused with wisdom and intuitive teachings.  Current offerings include Vibrant Health focused Cooki

ng Workshops, individual consultation, and small group catering. It is Cindy’s goal to help people eat to feel good and feel good about eating.


Kids Yoga with Juliena Brown

Join Juliena on Saturday morning for Kids Yoga! In Kids Yoga the children become scientists exploring the wonder of their bodies moving through space. Imagination, exploration, fun and play are big parts of this class. The children will practice breathing and relaxation as well as the poses. 



Dance Church

Come dance with Bernice Raabis Saturday and Sunday morning! Modeled after a regular Nelson ecstatic dance event called Dance Church. We invite you to come dance whatever Divine force moves you. Loving, positive music and a sacred space are provided so you can nourish yourself amongst a community of other dancers doing the same. No choreography or expectation, just an opportunity to groove and move. Start your festival day with some inspiration and perspiration♥

I have been dancing my whole life, it is what helps me make sense of the world. Come dance with me Saturday morning. Everyone is a dancer, no training or fancy steps required, just a willingness to let it all go and get down (and up!). Don't let the name of the workshop scare ya.... really it is all just about dancin

Music B.C.'s Savannah Wellman

Topic TBA


Be the D.J.

Slap on the headphones, break out the turn tables and get ready to mash some tracks with DJJoaqadizzle. Joaq has been laying tracks that have been keeping Ymirites thumping and bumping for the last 10 years. This year he’s offering a workshop for youth who are interested in learning some of the basics of sampling, scratching, looping and serato.


The History of Ymir

Join Hans Cunningham our regional director for Area G for a walking tour of Ymir filled with very colourful stories. Hans has not only been the longest serving Regional Director he was also THE teacher at the Ymir Schoolhouse for 30 years. He is an incredible storyteller and he is full of wonderful stories. This is not to be missed!

Sustainable Happiness 2.0

I’m back with more Sustainable Happiness tools, updated with new information that will leave you feeling blissful, cozy and filled with faith that no matter what happens in the future you can deal. Life can be a real bi**h sometimes, not to mention climate change and greedy corporate monsters wreaking havoc on our perfect planet, and you wanna BE THE CHANGE. You want to make the right choices that reflect your values and you want to leave a legacy that says, I GAVE A F**K. Join me to strengthen your happiness and coping skills. We’ll bring clarity to what’s true for you and create focus areas for deep and meaningful contribution in your lifetime.  


Kimmy Klassen is the go-to person for comprehensive sustainability consulting on an individual level. Her clients are people who want sustainable lifestyles but need help putting all the pieces together. She has a B.Sc. Environmental Science & M.A. Environmental Education and Communication and is a certified Home Energy Advisor. Her company is called Peak Sustainability.


Sunday Morning Yoga with Chevay

 Join Chevay for a gentle Sunday morning yoga practice, it is the perfect way to start your day. "I discovered yoga at the age of 18 and have been in love ever since. I finally decided to align my passion and love for yoga with life and completed my 200 hr training in May. I'm excited and humble to share what I know and hope to inspire and learn from my students."



The Two Minute Dance Party

This is an interactive piece of theatre and dance that everyone can participate in. At 5 mins to every hour at a specific location, there will be a dance party.. it will only last for 2 minutes so you have to be quick!

Come get your groove on every hour!





Our Tiny Team has also confirmed and will be adding details to the site...

  • Bokashi Composting
  • Bee keeping
  • Spoken word Workshops

AND SO Many more!!!