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Frequently asked questions about Tickets.


Are tickets refundable?

No. Like all festivals and events tickets are not refundable.

What does my full festival pass include?

A full festival pass includes access to ALL venues AND Workshops for FRIDAY night, day and night Saturday and all day SUNDAY!

Are Kids Free?

Yes, kids twelve and under are free. Youth 13-18 have  a reduced rate.

Do you have single day tickets?

We will have single day tickets available in May 2016

Can you tell me who is playing on what day?

Yes and No. We have over 100 artist on 6 stages over 3 days, they are all coming in from different directions and arriving and departing at different times and many of them play in multiple bands, so scheduling is very difficult and is usually not finalized until very close to the festival. We can tell you this:

Every act plays on both Satuday and Sunday at least once with a few exceptions. There is childrens' programing and workshops on both days as well.


Why are Saturday Tickets so much more than Sunday Tickets?

Saturday programming starts at 10 am and goes until 2 am. Which is 16 hours of programming.

Sunday programming starts at 10 am and goes until 7 pm which is 9hours.

So Saturday has 7 more hours of programming that is why it costs more.


I heard that your Saturday night is amazing, can I just by a Saturday night pass?

There are no Saturday night only tickets. Our venues have limited capacity and as a result we can only offer Saturday night admission to those who are already on the festival grounds. It would not be fair to the the amazing folks who are here for the weekend to have the Saturday night venues so full of Saturday night ticket holders that they could not get in.


Wow, so I did the math and it is a WAY better deal to buy a full festival pass than to buy a single day pass.

Yes it is and we want you here all weekend. Due to our limited capacities, we encourage people to be here for the full festival to have a better chance of seeing all of the acts they wish to see.


I heard that although programming ends on Sunday there is an awesome party on Sunday night...

The festival ends at 7pm on Sunday.  Our incredible volunteer/artist appreciation party is on Sunday night, many of the musicians stick around and it is really really fun. The ONLY way into that party is to be a volunteer. We will be opening up volunteering oportunities in January 2016


I have a question that you have not answered.

Chances are if you are thinking it, someone else is too. You can drop us a line here and will answer you to the best of our ability.