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Written and performed by Lucas Myers

Lucas Myers returns to the Tiny Lights festival with this site specific performance about the assumptions we make about others and how a helping hand can be found is the most unexpected places. The audience enters and is asked to fill out nametags and a short questionnaire.  Coffee is brewing. A sign is posted “SENSITIVITY SEMINAR WITH GREG”. As the play begins, Greg explains that everyone has to work hard to deal with their anger management issues and guilt. The performer then plays the five people at the seminar. Greg is the neophyte social worker leading the Seminar, Wonderboy is a webmaster with Asperger syndrome who is tormented by John, the blackly cynical waiter. With Mark the homeless man and Mona, the silent teenager who responds to everything with a weary shrug, the seminar becomes very out of control, very quickly.


Shadow puppet making and performing with Publik Secrets

Publik Secrets will be bringing a magical shadow theatre where everyone is the performer and everyone is the audience. The Cloth of Dreams will contain an array of shadow puppets, hanging lanterns, and musical instruments. In darkness, the theatre becomes an open stage for spontaneous group improvisation and experimentation with shadow-play. Participants need little prompting, as the simplicity and familiarity of this ancient art form make it a fun and accessible medium for beginners. Cloth of Dreams will be like the glowing ember of a shared dream, the interplay of light and shadows projected ever outward.


Rosie Delight

This year we were excited to find that a wonderful performer was hiding in the hills of Ymir.. we are so excited to welcome Rosie Delight. She was the inspiration for our new Adult Only Stage!! There are many "kid friendly" activities at festivals why not an Adult only one!!!

Rosie Delight has been successfully trying to pass herself off as a burlesque and performance artiste in Vancouver for over 15 years and, like any true diva, has retired an amazing 3 times! When not in retirement, Rosie has brought her decidedly awkward take on the whole sacred and profane schtick (mostly the profane...) to any venue that strikes her fancy... hot dog stands to tea houses, haunted theaters to alley ways, opium dens to wrestling arenas, circus tents to living rooms... Rosie has defiled them all!