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2013 Line-up

Jaron Freeman Fox and the Opposite of Everything

Contorting the violin into new traditions, violinist/composer Jaron Freeman-Fox dances down the fine line between the beautiful and the ridiculous, while redefining what the violin is capable of. Having played on over 30 albums (Jayme Stone, Autorickshaw, Peter Katz) and constantly touring as a side-man with bands such as Delhi 2 Dublin or The David Woodhead Confabulation, Freeman-Fox fuses his roots of Celtic and bluegrass fiddling with his study of Indian classical music and jazz, playing the 5-string violins of his late mentor; fiddle pioneer Oliver Schroer.


His band the Opposite of Everything

Described as “Gogol Bordello meets Frank Zappa meets The Punch Brothers”, The Opposite of Everything transform Freeman-Fox’s intricate compositions into an infectious party! With a diverse cast of Toronto’s finest and most adventurous musicians, this band somehow combines bluegrass with Indian music, African beats with sea shanties, or klezmer with the blues, and make it sound like the most natural thing in the world. The line-up consists of New Orleans-style clarinetist John Williams, indie-rocker Johnny Spence on accordion and keyboard, jazz bassist Charles James, and drummer/percussionist Dan Stadnicki,. Working with manager Derek Andrews, the band has had a busy two years playing folk and jazz festivals across the country, and will be making their overseas debut at their WOMEX 2012 official showcase this October in Greece!

The Rabid Rabbi- live from Jaron Freeman-Fox on Vimeo.



Miami Device

Miami Device is an 11 piece Afro-beat/Funk band based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Since their inception in 2007 the band has grown from a small four- piece funk experiment into the deep grooving, Fela Kuti inspired, juggernaut that exists today. With heavy driven horns atop syncopated guitars and layered percussion they produce a dance inducing, highly energetic live show.

The band boasts an incredible roster of local talent including members of Five Alarm Funk, Rude City Riot, The Carnival Band and Foundation. Their dynamic, rhythmically complex and extremely funky live show has seen them share the stage with internationally acclaimed acts like K-OS, Chin Chin and Chali 2Na. It has also seen them perform at such festivals as the Vancouver International Jazz Festival.

In 2008 the band had its first release of a self titled EP for which they undertook all recording, mixing and creative duties. Their new full album entitled “Monopoly” was released on December 1st 2012, and is available on vinyl, CD, and digitally.

Miami Device’s live show is a truly memorable experience. An incredibly unique sound and an energetic live show keeps venues packed to the brim and fans consistently coming back again and again. They are certainly one of the top up and coming live acts in Western Canada.

Miami Device Teaser from Adrian St. Louis on Vimeo.



Born around the campfire at Artswells Festival 2007 in Wells BC, Morlove began as the banding together of Corwin Fox and Miss Emily Brown. The creative collaboration has since expanded into an exploratory orchestral folk band featuring string players Hannah Epperson (violin), Christina Zaenker (cello) and frequent contributors Jake Jenne (drums) and Neil Burnett (Celtic harp). The band is currently preparing their upcoming release Old Tomorrow, based on the theme of pattern. String parts follow ballroom dance steps, chord changes adhere to weaving patterns and lyrics explore recurrences in urban design, genetic inheritance and traditional folk legends.

The album comes as a follow-up to Morlove’s debut album All of My Lakes Lay Frozen Over, put forward for the 2010 Polaris Prize. A collection of evocative folk-songs, All of My Lakes ranges from hushed vocal harmonies and delicate strings to explosions of horns, pulsing pianos and choirs of banjos in unorthodox time signatures. Recorded in snowy Wells BC, the album features several relics of the 1930’s gold-rush town: sousaphone, player piano, pump organ and even a typewriter.

"A Symphony of Restraint"- David Newberry

Morlove - Architect from Habitat Recording on Vimeo.


Geoff Berner

His openness to experimentation, spirited Eastern European klezmer influences, punk rock attitude and work with producer/mastermind Josh Dolgin (Socalled) results in an innovative, engaging and lively album full of surprises.

An evening spent with Geoff Berner’s music is, in the words of the good Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, “a wild combination of menace, madness, and genius… fragmented coherence that wreaks havoc on the mind of any listener.” – Vue Weekly, Edmonton

 Berner’s live shows tend to devolve into crazed, chaotic, drunken dancing and psychotic laughter. He has built a sizable cult following through extensive touring, and audiences of odd, bookish people who like to drink, come out to pack bars in Berlin, Amsterdam, Oslo and Zurich, as well as in Canada.


C.R. Avery

Whether performing to thousands at the Royal Albert Hall or the lucky few who made it inside the packed past capacity speakeasy, C.R. Avery is a unique, raw and dynamic performer. His genius lies in many genres - blues, hip-hop, spoken word and rock & roll. He is a one-man band, but one for this generation, with the rare ability to sing poetic verse while beatboxing simultaneously while pounding the piano and adding harmonica like a plot twist.

From musical beginnings in his late teens, C.R. Avery has recorded over fifteen albums as well as writing and directing six hip-hop operas, which were mounted and performed from New York’s Bowery to L.A.’s South Central. 

His incredible live performances have been described as Bob Dylan in the body of Iggy Pop; colliding with Little Walter, the Beastie Boys and Allen Ginsberg.  Every show is all or nothing and his fearless approach to all genres of music both on stage and in the studio proves the longevity of this talented, astonishing creator has so much more to come.


Christa Couture

We have so much to say about this amazing songwriter.. her newest record has held us captivated since we received it.. we are thrilled to have her.

Christa Couture’s new album is as difficult to sum up in a few words as the Mona-Lisa-like expression on her face on the cover shot.

To say that it’s about “maturing through loss” will sound terribly cliché to those unfamiliar with her story; Couture is an adolescent cancer survivor whose last album was inspired in part by the death of her infant son … and who has had to endure even more loss as she’s sought to get back on her feet.

And yet, to say it’s inspired by such tragedy leaves one singularly unprepared for the sound: bright, beautifully-orchestrated indie folk; sweet, idiosyncratic vocals reminiscent of artists like Regina Spektor and Jane Siberry; a luscious palette of sonic styles – fuzzy guitar, bluegrass-style pickin’, soulful cello, quirky chorus-like vocal arrangements and a touch of cabaret – and not a moment of self-indulgence to be found.

“Best of 2012″ picks: CBC Music, The Georgia Straight, Corby's Orbit


“…criminally underrated singer-songwriter”

The Georgia Straight


a remarkable chanteuse, singing superb material, tastefully arranged and produced. Couture’s voice floats over the album’s pop-roots foundations like a butterfly over a garden. Some reviewers hear Jane Siberry, Joni Mitchell; Tori Amos might also come to mind at points. But that’s merely a way of saying Couture’s work has the combination of accessibility, and emotional depth such thoughtful writers have in common.”

Roots Music Canada 


The Chimney Swallows

Two of our favorite musicians of all time are coming to Ymir and we are THRILLED!!!! The Chimney Swallows are songwriters Corwin Fox and Raghu Lokanathan. They've been playing together since they were pages at the library. They aim to set songs free to be everything they can be, from art to mischief to protest to prayer.


Shawn Stephenson

Shawn Stephenson is a solo multi instrumental award winning musician from right here is Ymir. His signature sound, which he calls electro organic hardwood acid folk, is a blend of finger style guitar, world beat percussion, vocals, an occasional dose of woodwinds and other sonic spices. Raised in Canada’s far north, Shawn is no stranger to small towns, open skies, loneliness, love and loss. His music holds these images in reverence and translates them into musical moments to be listened to over and over. Using loop stations and a laptop, Shawn creates multitrack atmospheres of musical depth and mesmerizing instrumentation. Guitars, percussion, woodwinds and vocals are recorded live and looped back only to be layered over with textures drawn from a long history of musical traditions. These live walls of sound push the boundaries of traditional form and keep audiences amazed and on their feet. His style has been compared to avant-garde finger style guitarist Michael Hedges coupled with the technical abilities of loop masters such as BeardyMan and TuneYards.



David Simard

Described as an avant-garde folk-singer, David Simard is catching the attention of music lovers across Canada and abroad. Relentless touring and a wonderful festival response followed the release of his debut full-length, Slower, Lower, in October of 2011. Recorded by Daniel Gelinas at Studio Chocolat Chaud on the loudest street in Saint-Henri, a gritty, working class neighbourhood in South-West Montreal, it's a charmingly understated and intimate release.
Always a hard-working musician, Simard has logged more than seven cross-country tours in as many years. Not counting the new full-length, David Simard has released eight different EP's, singles, and collaborative works in the last decade. Remarkably hand-made, and released independently, Simard has been touring throughout Canada with some wonderful material in tow.

Miss Emily Brown

Miss Emily Brown is the Pacific between storms. At times glistening on the surface, at times plunging into the green, her music haunts us with its complexity and depth. Her debut album, Part of You Pours Out of Me marked a graceful entrance onto Canada’s independent music scene and was named one of the top twelve albums of 2008 by CBC Radio’s Bandwidth.

From clashing chordal girl-pop to old-timey ballads to perfect little folk songs, her live shows descend into pin-drop music box interludes and singing, a careful mixture of treasured instruments, and any number of eclectic musical guests. Her touch is careful. H

er music is oceanic, huge.

Emily's music is truly an incredible treasure.. we are very lucky to have her here. Here is an older video but one of our favorites ever!




Constellations is a collaborative collective of young musicians and friends from Saltspring Island, BC. The five members are all coming from different backgrounds of music, weaving the sound into an ever-morphing living organism. From rattling climaxes and tense rhythmic elements to melancholy drones and hopeful playfulness, the music of Constellations will leave you with both questions and answers.

Ocea Goddard - Accordian, Vocals
Mateos Jabbaz - Keyboards, Vocals
Daniel Hunter - Bass
Brendan Elwell - Percussion
Noah Sherrin - Guitar


Craig Korth and Julie Kerr

We are thrilled to welcome Craig and Julie back to Tiny Lights this year. Craig's banjo workshop last year was one of the highlights of the festival for us. Craig is an amazing banjo player, but more than that these two embody music! They not only host the Nimble Fingers Festival, they host incredible house concerts, perform with their two children, mentor musicians and collect beautiful instruments! Do not miss these two!



Jess Hill

I have a little secret for you.. Jess Hill's whole being was a inspiration for our festival.. he

re music and her style are incredible!

Jess is a unique singer-songwriter risen from the talented denizens of East Vancouver. She is a storyteller whose delicately constructed lyrical worlds captivate, standing firmly with her blues-draped compositions. Her music will smash your heart, pinch you in your sweetest nerves, give pause to the present and sing you to sleep all in one gently fierce moment. Jess invites the audience into her realm, engaging them with a voice like the sound of a well-rosined bow across your heartstrings, telling tales over her skillfully crafted guitar playing. She can pull a room of strangers into her palm, crushing them with stinging emotions and releasing them reborn into the night.



David Newberry

David Newberry sings folk songs with rock sensibilities. Or is it the other way around? Either way, his compositions provide insights into the complex contemporary social world through musical and lyrical exploration.
There is a joy in David Newberry's sometimes somber music that is hard to explain. His live shows are frequently full of storytelling, humour, and a strange celebration of life somehow rooted in a twisted pessimism. Not one to waste words, David Newberry packs each phrase with the kind of thought, meaning, and complexity that is most often associated with singer-songwriters of the 1960s. But don't get the wrong idea - Newberry's music is inescapably forward looking, constantly aiming to broaden the understanding of what roots music "sounds like."

"Newberry can be filed alongside the likes of young troubadours like Jerry Leger and Corin Raymond as evidence that Canadian roots music is in good hands."

Exclaim Magazine


Miss Quincy

You'd better hide your sons and lovers when Miss Quincy and her smokin' hot all-girl trio The Showdown come to town. Channeling The Runaways, The Black Keys, and Big Mama Thornton, Miss Quincy doesn't fit the classic girl singer/songwriter mold and The Showdown isn't your average all-girl band. You won’t find them singing pretty pages out of their diaries, instead you’ll find them starting a party everywhere they play by getting down and rocking out with raunchy roots & blues and straight up rock n' roll. Miss Quincy & The Showdown currently call the road their home. To promote the release of Miss Quincy's second full length album, Like The Devil Does, the band hit the highway hard in 2012 for an 8 month world tour spanning the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Austria, and of course Canada. They spent the winter in California & Mexico writing a new album and are gearing up to take the new songs on the road with another never-ending tour.

 Corwin Fox

Corwin Fox is a Canadian songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist who has been hailed as “a shining light in Canadian roots music” by Doug Cox (artistic director, Vancouver Island Music Festival).  Known as much for his studio expertise as his live show, Corwin has toured extensively across Canada, the U.S. and Australia performing his songs on banjo, guitar and ukelele. He has played venues and festivals large and small, some by himself, some with his band Morlove, and some with such luminaries as Fred Penner, Shane Koyczan and the Short Story Long, Alex Cuba, Kim Barlow and Raghu Lokanathan.



Jenny Berkel

JENNY BERKEL has been quietly making waves across the country with her shimmering, dusky folk. Onstage, her ability to hush and draw in a crowd dances across the line between concert and poetry reading. Her debut album, Here on a Wire, has been called "hushed, ethereal, and almost spooky" (Bob Mersereau, CBC), and a "wonderful surprise" (Exclaim!). With Jenny's deep and smoky voice winding its way throughout, the album stands as an arresting collection of "haunt folk."



James Lamb

James Lamb is a Canadian songwriter born of a large family of folk musicians from the Kootenay mountains in British Columbia. Since 2005,  James has toured across the country performing on large stages and in tiny rural nooks. His live presentation can haunt a room with thoughtful joy, and his unique voice, fascinating composition, and commanding stage presence can plunge even the noisiest bar goers into mesmerized silence.

“James is a methodical, thoughtful and delightful songwriter and performer." Dan Mangan

"An eloquent guitar player and gracious singer, it is difficult not to fall in love” ~ Lise Monique – Wintermitts

“I have had some of my most visceral responses to songwriting/music/performance at his shows….. I can without reserve say that his is a performance I would recommend without question.” ~ Martin Reisle- Maria in the Shower

Leathan Milne

Leathan Milne is an artist.
His songs are a refreshing jolt of humble, soft spoken honesty that are quite unique to the folk music world of which he has woven himself.
Warm, rich string sections and deep soulful vocals play a large part in the sound that this young musician has created. His debut album "The Outcome Of Weather" (2012) was met with great response and saw Leathan tour across Canada and down through the States for most of last year. This year Leathan releases a new EP entitled "Some Of These Things Are Lies"and continues his trek across the great white north playing everywhere from Festivals to back porches and coffee shops to kitchens. He currently lives in Vancouver with his cat.


From the oceanside forests and farms of Canada’s West Coast, comes the free-range style of O’mally, a fresh face from British Columbia’s Gulf Islands, and a breakout artist with a distinctive sound.  O’mally’s well paced clawhammer banjo and acoustic guitar layer her strong and earthy vocals, and are complimented by the clear harmonies of fiddle player Elise Boeur, culminating in a collection of delightfully orchestrated yet simple old time and folk songs.  Since the May 2010 release of her debut album “Speck”, O’mally has enjoyed a swift foray into the spotlight of popular roots music.

Over the past three years O’mally has shared stages with Rae Spoon, Old Man Luedecke, David Simard and Fish & Bird, among others, and she’s wowed the audience at ArtsWells and the Sunshine Music Festival.  Currently O’mally is busy tracking new songs for the next release, mulling over new songs concepts, and about to embark on another Canadian tour, starting in eastern Canada finishing in her Victoria BC hometown.  Catch a show and share a moment with this up and coming Canadian artist!


Colin Easthope

Colin Easthope fills the room with warm harmonic tones and a surprising sincerity. His lyrics are a shoulder to lean on for everyone who’s ever had their heart stomped on, or endured a long-distance relationship. Colin strives to write music that time will never forget. He draws inspiration from artists like Ryan Adams, Royal Wood, and Bob Dylan, delivering guitar-driven pop gems, with an alt-country aesthetic.

Colin has performed as part of Via Rail’s Performers On Board program three times, entertaining passengers en route across the country. He is making a name for himself in BC’s festival circuit, playing Horsefly BC’s Arts on the Fly, The Cortes Island Music Festival, and The Vancouver International Jazz Festival. As an accompanist, Colin has opened for acts like Gregory Alan Isakov and Jurassic Five’s Chali 2na. Whether an intimate train car, or a raucous outdoor festival, Colin is at home on the stage.



Raghu Lokanathan

Raghu is a thin, bearded, bespectacled man who will smile if you look at him. Almost a decade ago, he came to Prince George on the run, to live in the care of his brother, a daydreaming surgeon. Raghu’s latest experiment in the countryside of Nova Scotia had led him to conclude that he was not cut out to be a farmer. He was relieved to find that all he had left were the songs he’d made, and a drive to keep making more.

So he wrote and wrote and wrote songs, better than any he had ever written before; clever, sympathetic songs that showed a dark, and darkly humorous, edge. He played some great concerts and by the time he released his album Caledonia, everyone could see he was headed for bigger things. His songs were played and regularly requested on CBC programs like the Vinyl Café and Richardson’s Roundup, whose host Bill Richardson said the song “Ramona” was “genius”. Raghu was asked to play at the Vancouver folk festival, where the late Utah Phillips heard him, and said that Raghu “writes songs like they used to a long time ago.” He toured across the country. Other artists began covering his songs. He wrote and wrote and wrote brilliant new songs, grittier than before, with radical experiments in song structure and point-of-view that always sounded natural, even inevitable.



Ghost Lights

The lush instrumentation hits you like a muscle relaxant and you’re off to dreamland. Who is the Canadian equivalent to Thoreau? I nominate Noah Cebuliak.
- 3Hive

[Ghost Lights]…creates the type of atmosphere that makes you want to cozy up in front of a fireplace on a cold December night.

…His clever music reminds of Stings quieter songs.

Saltwater, through its luxurious instrumentation and arrangements complemented by Cebuliak’s clear, nice-sounding voice, channels images of late winter nights spent in expensive cafés downtown we all wish we could afford. Well, you can now.

GHOST LIGHTS - 'Illecillewaet' / 'A Train Is Coming' from Southern Souls on Vimeo.


 A Raven called Crow


A Raven Called Crow is the voice of Janet Walker, accompanied by the amazing creative genie, Chloe Z ( also a puppeteer with Mind of a Snail)  Janet sings, plays banjo, guitar and ukulele, Chloe hits drums, strums banjos and mandolins.  Janet has been known to orchestrate the voices of whole audiences to become the backing 'band' at her live shows. Also an accomplished visual artist, playwright, and performance storyteller, Janet performs regularly in B.C as a puppeteer, musician and experimental artist. Janet now lives in Kaslo B.C 

Harp Pixie

Deep in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada, inspiration flows on pure down -drafts from the glaciers; right into the heart, hands, and voice of singer-songwriter Dawna McLennan, Harp Pixie…Harp Pixie plays the most gorgeously sculptural musical instrument ever created: the folk harp. Thirty-six strings of divine resonance, to transport listeners into the faerie realms.Merging poetic lyrics and folksy authenticity, with a heart-melting, direct vocal style, Harp Pixie’s music opens a portal that seems to guide her audience into contact with their own hearts.Like a deep breath, her sounds unwind you. Unwind you, and then settle you into the part of your dream-self that can soar on the wings of sound….