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2015 Musical line-up


We are thrilled to welcome so many amazing performers to Tiny Lights. One of the best things about our festival is being exposed to incredible talent in intimate venues. 

Our line-up is almost complete, although last minute additions keep happening. Most acts are playing on both days, in different venues so you will have to choose your own festival adventure!

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2015 Line-up


Bend Sinister

Last year at South Country Fair, we say these guys play one of the most incredble live sets ever.

At the heart of Bend Sinister sits singer and keyboard player Dan Moxon. His soft spoken and warm demeanor belie the frenetic stage antics and vocal gymnastics that have made him one of the most unforgettable front men in the Canadian indie scene. His song writing draws from a wealth of influences and he is as equally at home softly singing over a piano ballad as he is wailing over crushing drums and guitars. Not to be outshined however, the rest of the band is just as dynamic. If Moxon is the heart, drummer Jason Dana is the gut. Channeling the best beats of Thin Lizzy and Led Zeppelin, Dana propels the band through their live set like a twin-engine jet. At the flanks are guitar player Joseph Blood and bassist Matt Rhode.

It’s hard to say what exactly Bend Sinister is doing, though they may be finding that elusive place for a band where they can do what they want, and how they want. All they know is that they love playing.

Rock out here

Pop out here


Hannah Epperson

We are thrilled to welcome Hannah back , she was was one of our first Tiny Lights and since then has gone on to not only be a Peak Performance winner but to represent Canada in Dubai at the Ultimate Frisbee Championships. (Yep!) Her beautiful voice and looping violin style will blow you away!

Enjoy her music here

Liron Man

A few years ago, after hours at the Artswells Festival, we heard an incredible haunting sound that we followed to its source. The artist we saw blew us away. He had an entire audience captivated in silence while he played the Hand Pan.

The Hand Pan is a melodic, harmonic and percussive instrument. Its overtones are clear and present with every note heard. It has the frequencies of a 4 piece band.
"One of my favorite repeating experiences in life is to play a 'solo concert', I've learned that it's impossible for me to play on my own when there are other beings in the room. It's a communication between all present."

Be enchanted


The Tailor


Like a Sexy Tom Waits riding a Camel through Africa and stopping in Romania for a drink” -somebody important 

The Sound is sensual, wound with found sounds and forgotten whispers.
He keeps on listening to whats in between the lines, 
he dreams a future rhythm and a future blues, 
where a wink across the dance floor 
is because suddenly you are in love with everybody.
His legendary Live performances have been delighting, confounding and seducing 
audiences across the West Coast for more years than he would care to admit.
Highlights include residency at Shambhalah Living Room Stage for the last ten years, 
an opening slot for a Beats Antique tour, and playing the Fusion festival in Berlin. 

Coco Love Alcorn


We have loved Coco Love for many years. She is a powerhouse, and she delivers an unbelieveable live show. This is a great opportunity to see her in intimate venues. Part soul diva, part folk troubadour, part jazz imporviser. The Vancouver Province calls her voice extraordinary. Her love of improvising and her willingness to engage fearlessly with the audience have made Coco a singular and powerful force on the Canadian music scenen  " A bright burst of colour amidst the many indie shades of grey" -Ottawa Express

Check out this amazing human's voice!


Dominique Fricot


Dominique Fricot is a Vancouver artist who has the ability to move his audiences through song with his heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies. Standing 6 foot 7, Fricot commands the stage with his rich baritone and  his emotive fusion of rock, soul, folk and jazz. “Fricot’s plaintive vocals and knack for melody invite comparisons to Chris Martin and Adam Duritz"- John Lucas- The Georgia Straight.

Watch him here



The Ruffled Feathers

The Ruffled Feathers are known for their combination of haunting female vocals, carefully crafted harmonies, multi-instrumentation, and brazen horns. Taking inspiration from the likes of Beirut, The Arcade Fire, and Belle and Sebastian, the band weaves fables of revolution, love stories, and cities away from home. Listeners expecting conventional guitar-driven indie

-pop will find themselves swept into complex arrangements of trumpets and mandolins instead.

“With elements of Regina Spektor and Feist, The Ruffled Feathers are a band to watch.” 

The Province

Watch them here


Wax Mannequin

Strange-folk phenomenon Wax Mannequin is well-travelled. He has crossed a wide range
of terrain — both sonic and physical — this decade past. Through his catalogue of secretly 
renowned recordings and his riotous live performances at countless venues and festivals, Wax continues to bring his essential voice and vision to both sides of the Atlantic. His legend grows through word-of-mouth as his music is passed from hand-to-hand — his influence trickles down from the minds of wayward kindred souls, insidiously seeping into the poetic heart of this country.
From 2001 to 2015 Wax has performed well over one thousand live shows throughout Canada, 
Australia and Europe. He has completed over 40 national tours and has sold more than ten thousand 
records completely independent of major label support. He has toured domestically and internationally 
with Geoff Berner, Rae Spoon, BA Johnston, Thomas Truax (UK), Bob Wiseman, The Burning Hell, 
Bob Log III among many others. He has opened for The Rheosotatics, Arcade Fire, No Means No among other notable acts. Most importantly however, we love him and we want to spread the joy.

Love this...


 The Ladies of Company B Jazz Band

Company B Jazz Band is Vancouver’s foremost vintage jazz harmony group. This 6-piece group has been entertaining the masses since 2007 with their tight blend, creative arrangements, sharp image, and charming wit. To date, the group has released 3 albums and performed all over their native British Columbia as well as the USA. They will be performing as a quartet this year at Tiny Lights and are bound to become a favorite!

So much fun

Michael Feuerstack

Singer and songwriter, gentleman and liar, gadfly and firefly and fall guy, indispensable, Michael Feuerstack is a man who lives and makes music in Montreal. Long one of the Canadian scene’s most revered songwriters, across almost 25 years, working under his own name and the past alias Snailhouse, Feuerstack has built an underground canon of crooked and beautiful songs. A little Rilke and a little Bazooka Joe, these easygoing tunes are like fields full of hedge-mazes – teeming with riddles, reveries and hiding places.

Feuerstack’s reputation is also as a solid gold collaborator: playing guitar and lap steel, producing records, cracking wise .Snailhouse never went away. But Feuerstack’s solo project won new life when he moved to Montreal in 2005. 2008’s Lies On The Prize, the fifth Snailhouse album, was recorded with several new friends: singer Angela Desveaux, Arcade Fire’s Jeremy Gara and Sarah Neufeld, Bell Orchestre’s Pietro Amato. This glinting, bashful LP won a Polaris Prize nomination and before long Feuerstack had joined Neufeld and Amato in Bell Orchestre.We are happy to welcome him to Tiny Lights this year.

Hear him here

Find the others

Find The Others is an intriguing blend of acoustic songwriting, layered soundscapes, mysterious lyrics, and mesmerizing visuals.

The latest, self-titled album features collaborations with Olivier Alary (Cat Power), Snowblink, Jorn Anderson (Peter Gabriel), and others. Find The Others live shows are a multi-sensory experience with synchronized video visuals.

A new album and video, recorded in Iceland with producer Valgeir Sigurdsson (Bjork), and Canada with producer Joshua Van Tassel (Great Lake Swimmers) is set for release in April 2015 on the Forward Music label.

 "enthralling" - Halifax Pop Explosion
"a potent, quietly mind-blowing cocktail" - Direct Current Music
"tremendous" - CBC Radio
"superb" - La Presse

Amazing music

Miss Emily Brown

“Miss Emily Brown’s voice is a mercurial weapon.” – exclaim!

Fusing the art-forms of poetry and song, Canadian performer Miss Emily Brown bravely navigates the space between silence and sound. Intuiting a careful mixture of eclectic instruments with her unmistakable voice, Brown delivers decadently visual lyrics with pin-drop power. In six short years, she has produced four solo albums and three collaborative albums with West Coast chamber-folk ensemble Morlove.

From clashing chordal girl-pop to timeless ballads to perfect little folk songs, her live shows descend into shattering music box interludes and singing, a careful mixture of treasured instruments, and any number of eclectic musical guests. Understated, surprising and genuine, her craft verges on the elemental and timeless. Her touch is careful. Her music is oceanic, huge.

So lovely.. here.


 Corwin Fox


Corwin Fox is a Canadian songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist who has been hailed as “a shining light in Canadian roots music” by Doug Cox (artistic director, Vancouver Island Music Festival).  Known as much for his studio expertise as his live show, Corwin has toured extensively across Canada, the U.S. and Australia performing his songs on banjo, guitar and ukelele. He has played venues and festivals large and small, some by himself, some with his band  Morlove and some with such luminaries as Fred Penner, Shane Koyczan and the Short Story Long, Alex Cuba, Kim Barlow and Raghu Lokanathan. Corwin also has a new duo with Raghu called The Chimney Swallows.

Here is one of our favourite videos..(and we love his shirt)


Scenic Route to Alaska

So.. we were right, Tiny Lights 2014 was the first festival that this amazing young band played, and yep they blew up last year. Finalist for the Peak Performance Project, tons of festivals and awards. We are thrilled to welcome them back again.

Scenic Route to Alaska is Trevor Mann, Murray Wood, and Shea Connor of the brutal & beautiful Edmonton, Alberta. Best friends, bringing emotion-filled, fun indy folk-rock to your ipods, boom boxes and your parents car stereos!

We love this song..



Rachael Cardiello


Rachael Cardiello was born in Tornado Alley, raised between mountains in Montana, schooled in Victoria, and now resides in Toronto where she leads a nine-piece soul band called Warm Electric Winter. A classically trained violist hooked on the harmonies of Motown and the storytelling of folk, Cardiello sings of mental institutes, cross border marriages, love affairs in attics and grief.

With her first full length album, Warm Electric Winter, Cardiello breaks away from her folk-music roots with a full band and a neon, electric sound complete with backup singers and a four piece horn section.

We love this record- really listen to it... it is AWESOME


Hello Moth


Hello Moth brings a mesmerizing presence to the stage, combining pop sensibilities with unearthly sounds and intriguing musicality in songs that surprise and charm listeners. Warm, passionate vocals contrast with the cold, digital tones of a Casio VL-1 synthesizer to create a sound that is at once soulful and soulless. In each riveting performance, Hello Moth spins musical layers over each other in loops to form elaborate patterns. The result is powerful and unexpected, as the audience witnesses the solitary musician become a haunting orchestra of one.  

“Hello Moth is melodic and calming but still slightly creepy” – CMJ July 2013

 Watch the magic here


A Raven Called Crow

A Raven Called Crow finds her joy in tresspasing the borders of music, spoken word, free-style songwriting and performance art. Her shows are simultaneously wacky, truth telling, intimate and experimental: it's like dreaming while you are awake. She weaves song worlds that are simultaneously haunting and playful, dark and hilarious, fragile and fearless. . Her shows are full of clownish antics. She has been known to make the audience into her orchestra, get everyone in the room to yell 'Vagina', and breast- feed a creature made from the audiences' socks. 
This year, She will be heading from Tiny Lights straight to Wells to finish writing her new album  as songwriter in residence. After that, she is going to take on the world.


Wooden Horseman

Wooden Horsemen deliver an infectious charge of electrified grooves, commanding a mix of gritty, blues driven vocals combined with soulful, driving rhythms.  Formed in the fall of 2013, members met while backing other local Vancouver acts and began to flesh out a small collection of songs by singer and songwriter Steven Beddall. The project culminated in the folk and blues laden debut album which received praise from critics across the country. Jason Motz of Vivoscene described it as “music of a timeless and ageless muse, mellow as a morphine drip and raw as a November squall”

Check out this amazing talent


Jenie Thai


Born in Chiang Mai Thailand, and raised outside of Edmonton, Jenie Thai is building a musical presence throughout the country through the electric energy she displays on stage and the old soul that's conveyed through her songwriting. Raised in a musical household of six, silence was rare.

Vocally, she has been compared to an early Maria Muldaur but soaks in the musical influences of Tom Waits, Bonnie Raitt, Memphis Slim, Muddy Waters, Ella Fitzgerald, and Ryan Adams. A performer, song-writer, singer, and instrumentalist: Jenie Thai combines classical technique, jazz harmonics, and a life-long appreciation for blues and folk to produce a unique charm as a singer-songwriter on the on the Canadian folk, roots, and blues music scene.

See why we love her here.



Raghu Lokanathan


Raghu is an amazing songwriter, and we are happy to welcome him back to our festival. He is highly regarded by his peers. " He's one of the best singer/songwriters Canada has, and he just happens to be my favourite. This Jukebox has barely touched the surface of his catalogue, which deserves to be celebrated in a way we can all enjoy. I believe in Raghu's songs."- Corin Raymond

Raghu will be performing solo and also along with Corwin Fox as part of the amazing duo The Chimney Swallows.

Watch them here


Speaker Face is a Toronto-based, award winning experimental electronic duo. Combining synthesizers and electronic beats seamlessly with the violin and piano, Speaker Face blurs the lines between computers and humans.



Benjamin James Caldwell

We met this lovely man, last year at Artswells and we were instantly fans, we are excited to have him in our little town this year. Americana, delta blues, outlaw country and the psychedelic folk revival of the seventies; Benjamin James Caldwell blends these styles, culminating in heart-breaking vocals, stomping rhythms and a poetry of songwriting to match the best.

Lovely listen here



James Lamb

Singer songwriter, James would not call himself a folk musician following any one tradition.  By stealing, borrowing and interpreting both the past and present, he discovers the new. An eclectic, electric expedition through sound and story.


The Racket

 Still at a young age, The Racket has gained a substantial following throughout BC’s North West and have played all over the rest of the province. Raised in the rich festival scene of Northern BC, they know damn well how to spark energy and get a dance floor (or dirt field) grooving, as well as satisfying more intimate settings with an acoustic set. The trio plays with techniques and sounds, mixing styles and coming up with original material. From their live performance, you can expect tight n’ funky grooves, slow n’ steady blues, and the driving force of stomp-folk, all the while maintaining a rock vibe. Everything these boys do is topped off with a large dose of originality. I enjoy watching The Racket perform their music live. They are an amazing band, with wonderful musicianship, great vocalist and really cool tunes. One of the most promising young bands from BC. For sure their future is bright." -  Alex Cuba, grammy award winning artist

Watch them here

The ladies of e.s.l. - Marta, DD and Joy

We love these ladies, not only will they be killing it on stage, they will also be bringing back their VERY popular kids music workshop. We are thrilled to have them.

Veering wildly between Polish cabaret and chamber pop, to playful hip hop jams, the enchanting women of e.s.l. spin songs that will catch your ear and entangle you in their spell. Ethereal vocal harmonies might evoke a late-night bar, with booty shaking beats, ballsy horns, lush string lines and no-holds-barred lyrics that convey a heartfelt reflection on life.

Since the band’s inception, this Vancouver quintet has accumulated an impressive array of accomplishments. e.s.l. has performed at numerous festivals over the years, including Dawson City Music Festival, Calgary Folk Festival, Regina Folk Festival, Vancouver Island Music Festival, South Country Fair, and Artswells. 2012 saw them on the stages of the PuSH Festival, Winnipeg Folk Festival and Vancouver Folk Festival.

Check them out!


Jasper Sloan Yip

Jasper Sloan Yip’s start was humble. A self-taught musician, he gave his first performance in 2007 on a stage he built in the backyard of his childhood home in Vancouver. Three days later he boarded a one-way flight to Paris, the first stop of many in a year-long voyage that spanned fifteen countries and three continents. In the cafes and one-star hotels of Europe, Jasper wrote much of his restless and wide-eyed debut Every Day and All at Once, released on his 23rd birthday in 2010. Its songs charted on college radio, appeared on network television, and landed Jasper showcases at festivals all over Canada. Three years later, at the helm of an experimental folk-rock sextet, Jasper released his ambitious follow up, Foxtrot. The earnest naïveté that characterized Every Day and All at Once was gone, replaced with pensive introspection and expansive instrumentation. The result was a mosaic: nine very different songs that, taken together, offered a unified narrative about the pains - and joys - of love and art.

So much beauty here.


Fronting Burlington, Ontario prog-rock band ‘First Time Fallen’ for several years Kirby released his first solo EP “Within These Walls” in 2007 before taking the figurative plunge with his next EP “The Good Fight”, in 2008. Hitting the road for the first many solo tours across Canada and performing in Australia over the last six years his first full band release “Into The Dark” in 2011, displayed his
true passion, belting out emotional lyrics right from the bottom of his heart, coupled with the diversity of both a driving rock strum style and quiet thoughtful picking on the guitar, reminiscent of Nick Drake, Ray Lamontange and Dallas Green.

“Kirby is very intimate in his songwriting, exposing us to everything from his good times to his innermost pain.” –

We love Kirby, see why here.


Naomi Shore of Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is an indie folk duo made up of Lindsay Pratt and Naomi Shore. Born and raised in the northern British Columbia, Canada community of Fort St. John, their music reflects small town wisdom with lively humour and tunes that immediately capture an audience.

They have individually and together opened for Steve Brockley, Peter Katz and Hey Ocean. Naomi and Lindsay continue to collaborate on original tunes. Their first full length CD "Trouble" was released in spring 2014.

"Heavenly harmonies and -between songs-banter that can border on the helishly humourous. Those are the peaks of listening to Twin Peaks, and listen you must!"-  Winnipeg Free Press

Listen to them here!

Scott Dunbar


Multi instrumentalist songlover and purveyor of musical rapture Scott Dunbar brings his inimitable mutant depth and steely intensity to every environment as he makes his way through a wild and troubled world.







Fish in a Birdcage

Last year at Tiny Lights we had an amazing volunteer, the kind that every festival dreams of, capable, willing to do anything.. then he asked if he could do a little number on our Shower Stage, we were completely blown away. You could not help but stop everything and watch him. Dustin describes his music as "cello infused indie pop with catchy and contageous melodies and a character all its own" we describe it a s magic and we are very lucky to have him.


Listen to him here.


Doug Koyama

Simply put we just LOVE Doug.

"STRANGE THINGS HAPPEN when Douglas Koyama opens his mouth. Sounds spring forth and combine into rhythmic phrases, then stack into layered constructions. It might seem like magic, unless you know that he's using a digital looper to create his improvised excursions, and even then it's still quite beguiling, a gentle and melodic take on an avant-garde technique that has its roots in Steve Reich and Terry Riley's experiments of the 1960s."
-Alexander Varty, The Georgia Straight

"When Doug Koyama enters a room you know it! His boundless energy, his warmth and enthusiasm are quickly evident. And then his music. Doug weaves sound with his voice and some looping technology. The music is mesmerizing, hypnotic and joyful all at once. He has a passion for singing and getting others to sing along."

–Cheryl MacKay, CBC North by Northwest

This video will give you a big taste of Doug

 Leathan Milne


His songs are a refreshing jolt of humble, soft spoken honesty that are quite unique to the folk music world of which he has woven himself. Born in a small town in rural southern Alberta; Leathan has been playing and performing music for the last 10 years.
His album The Outcome Of Weather (2012) has met with extremely positive reviews with tracks from the album featured on CBC radio, TV shows like Arctic Air and also in a series of commercials for BC Children's Hospital.  Warm, rich string sections and sweeping, powerful vocal harmonies play a huge part in the albums sound along with Milnes soft, deep voice to project the songs forward. His warm and engaging stage presence gives off a welcoming and friendly atmosphere that's like spending time with an old friend.

We love this...

Samantha Scott

Samantha Scott uplifts us with her strong folky rhythms and illuminating lyrical style. Influenced by a life on the move, her music will take you from the Northern nights, to the Southern cities of B.C. She reminds us that, on the road of life "you may not be where you want to be, but you can always see what you want to see." Samantha will be performing solo and with Socks and Shoes, a project with Scott Dunbar.

Listen to her here

Steve Brockley

We are welcoming back Steve Brockley, this time solo.

The Steve Brockley Band can’t easily be defined by one sound or musical genre. Though it is apparent that the band is part of the tradition of folk music, they’re able to take the style in new directions without making the audience feel uprooted. The band draws varied comparisons in their music ranging from: J.J. Cale, Townes Van Zandt, Hank Williams, John Prine, Bob Dylan and The Band. Getting to the heart of a song is their main goal. Not just digging into the notes, but nailing those spaces in between the notes. When you’ve got a good song, you want to let it breathe. A percussive bass swagger, drum grooves from the gut, and a rolling finger picked guitar bring their brand of folk music to life. There’s no rush to the end of a song, the main thing is not to hurry – nothing good gets away. And that’s what the Steve Brockley Band does best.

Here is a brand new song!


SAVVIE takes the wicked wisdom that comes with experience in the music business, and channels it into her songs making well crafted, timeless music. Wellman’s brand of dusky rock is for old souls with young hearts, bringing echoes of The Black Keys and Fleetwood Mac, melded together with gold dust and mystical lyricism.

Listen to her here!

Sam Tudor

Sam’s unique folk songs have taken him from run down apartments to fancy auditorims and back again. His live show is coCarlammunal and anthemic. People sing. He is known for his “weirdness but goodness” and his “borderline scandalous hip shaking”

We can't stop listening...

The Weather Factory

"A stream of sunshine in a world filled with perpetual darkness, The Weather Factory will leave your head and heart in the clouds. Former members of Le Stache return to the great sky above to spill their Alt-pop love-drops into your thirsty ears"




Brett Nelson

Brett Nelson's songwriting reflects the tirelessness and deference with which he is dedicated to his craft. In moments deeply existential and in others witty and direct, the songs are held together by Nelson's ability to weave a sense of the profound in with the profane and to deliver fearlessly.
He has traveled by car, train, bicycle, thumb and plane, performing his songs across Canada and the US, at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, aboard VIA rail, on stage alongside the great cowboy songwriter Ian Tyson and at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver



Graftician is an experimental folk-pop project by Roxanne Nesbitt and Craig Aalders. The songs of Graftician are meant to be heard as collage, referencing an eclectic mix of radio pop, musique concrete, folk ballads and rambling poetry. Songs are crafted from fragments of classical, soul and jazz, uninhibited lyricism and gritty samples.

SO GOOD.. Listen here

Ross Douglas

Ross Douglas - an award winning songwriter who kicks ass live
"A consummate and versatile entertainer... a crowdpleaser with astute songs that blend history, comedy, theatre.."..
saId Julie Fowler - Executive Director of the ArtsWells Festival.


The Show Cats Burlesque

The Show Cats are a vintage vaudeville inspired dance troupe fusing the dance classics of days gone by with a post-modern jukebox twist! Special Burlesque performances from the Cats for this event!.


Brandon Hoffman layers found sounds and field recordings to create a relaxing mosaic of acoustic and electronic

textures. His live set meshes the percussion of old school drum samplers with live mandolin looping and effects processing. Blocktreat has three releases on the Jellyfish Recordings label, and can be heard regularly on CBC's The Signal with Laurie Brown.
For this show, the percussive energy of Brent Morton is thrown into the mix.

Sit back and relax and listen


Dixie Stars Storytelling

Innovative and inspiring Dixie Star Storytelling fires the imagination of children and grown-ups alike with its innovative and interactive shows.  The young company evokes a fantastical world through words, music, movement, and playful props, and knows how to get the audience involved in creating the magic.