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Theatre at Tiny Lights


Bits starring Patrick Kearns


Bits was the darling of the Fringe circuit last year and we are thrilled to be bringing it to Ymir. We LOVE Patrick and so pleased that he is joining the Tiny Lights Family. You really do not want to miss this show!

"★★★★ BITS is like running into a stranger who is just so charming, entertaining and insightful that you end up hanging out with him all night and then wonder where the time went. And it’s no wonder. Kearns is an irrepressible delight." -CBC Manitoba

"BITS"was selected by CBC Canada Writes as one of the "top-ten must-see shows of the season" featuring some of "the most promising writing at this year's Fringe." - CBC Canada Writes

"BITS smells like awesome, goes down like a vodka-cocktail out of a twirly straw, and leaves a thought-provoking aftertaste. And Patrick Kearns is delightfully quirky, heartbreaking, and flamboyantly funny all at the same time. See this play. Then see it twice. " Sarah Towle - CBC Radio

Lucas Myers is Captain Future!


Tiny Lights favorite Lucas Myers is coming back.. this time with a kids show.

Captain Future has traveled back in time to try to save reading from being wiped out by the evil Dr. SamGoogApplesoftsung, who has taken over the world with his devious mixture of highly addictive social networking video game apps! Using song, puppets and interactive performance, Lucas Myers has created a hilarious and informative family friendly performance that tells the history of the written word and offers fun ways to save the word!


Bessie Wapp

The incomparable Bessie Wapp who is Nelson's Cultural Ambasador or as she likes to be addressed Nelson's Bad-assador. Is an actor, singer, director and storyteller, chameleon extrodinaire, and we are thrille to welcome her to our line up! We will post details soon about what she will be bringing to Tiny Lights 2015.